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Recommended dosage

Enjoy in basically like drinking sake is luxury goods.
However, when considering the original taste of sake and enjoy sake the paint 燗 at it's best. Making sake at our various still enjoy with dinner.

Hot water warm at home for...
You can enjoy the taste of your 酒本 is warm.
Warm sake indirectly by transferring to the bottle for wine quality is kept.
Hard cold sake bottle is warm. Work such as cleaning, alcohol loss is minimized.
* Please note no smell in the microwave.

-History of sake

-Suitable for warm sake type

* Term... sake is a unique phrase. Introduce a term especially associated with warm.
"Warm Sheen (even richly) to" it tastes much better with warm sake.
"Warm up (kannagi up) to" taste is drawn by wearing a warm State.
The State did not feel sufficiently during the cold by wearing a warm open taste flavor comes to the table.
State that the fragrance that opens the scent warm during the cold felt enough was not on the table.
Cold sake was applied as "燗冷mashi (kannzamashi) to be" State.