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Product List

Introducing the main products
At Asahi Kiku Brewery, we sell sake over-the-counter, but we do not sell some special sake directly. For dealers, please contact Asahi Chrysanthemum Brewery directly.
All prices are tax-excluded.
● 旭 菊 Asahikiku

● 旭 菊・綾 花 Asahikiku・Ayaka

"Aya Hana" is a sake brewed only by Yamada Nishiki, which is contracted cultivation in Fukuoka Prefecture.
This delicate sake blooms softly on the tongue.

● 旭 菊・大 地 Asahikiku・Daichi

"Daichi" is a sake brewed only with Yamada Nishiki, a pesticide-free sake grown under contract in the Itoshima area of Fukuoka Prefecture.
(We are limited to dealers.)

● Sake of Asahi Chrysanthemum and Seasonal Festival

These are the sakes that weave the four seasons.

Chrysanthemum liqueur

Alcohol also contributes to health.

● Asahi Chrysanthemum and Daichi