2018In January, 5.

YaME joyo will participate again this year. To seeing you again this year and look forward to. Thank you thank you.
Date: 2/17(Soil)-18()9At 30-4 pm
-Wine cellar open
We opened the brewery in a day of events!!
Freshly squeezed malts tasting & sales
In sake, please!!The mikurabe corner beating (charges apply)
And the behavior of Amazake sake Lees
-Lees-Chan POPs
Fun raffle
• Display of dolls
-Kubota's sax playing

-In the main hall are opened.
Main hall / kururi Castle rice, Mori-machi Islanders

If you do both!
24 Castle Island joyo
Sponsored by / Kenji Johjima joyo Executive Committee
Co-host / Kurume city, Kurume South Chamber of Commerce, Kurume southern tourism & promotion of