2019March 18

We will hold the opening of the Kiku brewery again this year!
It is a lot of contents such as tasting and sale of freshly squeezed raw sake.
The landlady is waiting for you, too.

The opening of the Kiku brewery
3Sunday, July 2410From 16:00 to 16:00
Tasting and selling freshly brewed raw sake
Amazake behavior of freshly brewed sake lees
Comparison of drinking sake (charged)

★ Authentic stone kiln pizza prepared in Italy"Bespiana"
★ Yakitori
"Kozuki" of ★ dumplings
★ "HakataTin Kobo"
★ Exhibition and sale of ★ Shima Japanese umbrellaand Japanese-style accessories, etc.
Familiar every time!Saxophone performance by Mr. Kubota

If you have a mouthof of mullet chrysanthemum, please do not forget to bring it with you.
Access: About 5 minutes by car from Inuzuka Station on the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line.
Contact: Kiku Shuzo Co., Ltd. Tel: 0942-64-2003