2022February, 7 pm

2022February, 7 pm : Asahi Kiku Shuzo Sake Sales
2On the day of the Jojima Sake Brewery Drive-through on December 12th and 13th, we will have a sake sale at Asahigiku Shuzo.

Location: 403 Ichimachihara, 潴, Kurume City
Asahi Kiku Shuzo Co., Ltd.

When: February 12(earth) 13day(day)

【 To be held this time 】

Sales of sake
(Please bring your shopping bag for a cash bag fee.)

・ Fun lottery
* There are no free tastings, paid tastings, amazake behavior, or restaurants.
*Please refrain from drinking or eating or drinking at the venue.
 (There is no eating and drinking space this time.)

* Admission may be restricted during busy times.

Infection prevention and diffusion prevention,
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation below.

[New coronavirus countermeasures]

・ If you are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting.

・ Please help us fill in the contact information at the time of visit.

・ Please cooperate with the temperature inspection and disinfection of the fingers when entering the venue.

・ Please cooperate with wearing a mask and encouraging cough etiquette when visiting.

・ Please cooperate in ensuring social deverness and avoiding 3 closeness.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

March 20(day)Asahi Kiku Shuzo's sake brewery Is scheduled.
We will guide you again in detail.