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2018年9月14日 : 第9回純米燗酒祭 九州場所

9/30() ホテルオークラ福岡にて第9回純米燗酒祭 九州場所が開催されます。
2018年1月5日 : 24 Castle Island joyo event information

YaME joyo will participate again this year. To seeing you again this year and look forward to. Thank you thank you.
Date: 2/17()-18()9At 30-4 pm
-Wine cellar open
We opened the brewery in a day of events!!
Freshly squeezed malts tasting & sales
In sake, please!!The mikurabe corner beating (charges apply)
And the behavior of Amazake sake Lees
-Lees-Chan POPs
Fun raffle
• Display of dolls
-Kubota's sax playing

-In the main hall are opened.
Main hall / kururi Castle rice, Mori-machi Islanders

If you do both!
24 Castle Island joyo
Sponsored by / Kenji Johjima joyo Executive Committee
Co-host / Kurume city, Kurume South Chamber of Commerce, Kurume southern tourism & promotion of
2017年8月31日 : Chikugo SAKE fair

9/8(Gold)Opened in Tokyo's Shinbashi Fukuoka Kurume us 2f in sake tasting and hit the corner events are held.
Recommended sake & shochu chikugo 3蔵 original so please come!
2017年8月31日 : Junmai sake Festival Kyushu where

This year finally approached the junmai sake Festival Kyushu location.
Delicious cuisine delicious sake and sake to suit this year all participating breweries and waiting.
(We also prepare tickets. Please feel free to contact us. )
2017年6月21日 : Planting of the "Earth"
6April 16, thread island. 2 town Furukawa UNO, and I of rice I gave 'Earth' Yamada-Nishiki rice in a rice.
It is completely pesticide-free cultivation Yamada Nishiki.
It is whether you want grow safely this year.
It starts weeding and fighting for the summer.

0/1900(1900Years)The flowers of Chrysanthemum and momentum like the rising sun, symbol of Japan<Asahi Chrysanthemum>(Asahi greatly) was founded, and the brand name. Located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, chikugo region of Asahi chrysanthemums still are benefiting from the blessings of abundant water of chikushi Plains and Kuju Mountain River River, has been developed as one of Japan's leading liquor. Times daily ever-changing societies evolving and Asahi Chrysanthemum made Japan fashion since ancient times to flavor rice from sticking, fit to eat and drink, lifestyle studies.

Guide to sake brewery
We will show the company profile, history, map and directions, the main event.


Junmai provides major products in our warehouse in the Center.

Organic rice use activities

Introducing the approach of using the chemical free cultivation itoshima from Yamada Nishiki sake brewing.

Recommended dosage

Sake rice and warm if still good.
Introducing the delicious way to drink sake.