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2022February 7, 2008 : Asahi Kiku Shuzo Sake Sales
2022February 7, 2008 : Asahi Kiku Shuzo Sake Sales
2On the day of the Jojima Sake Brewery Drive-through on December 12th and 13th, we will have a sake sale at Asahigiku Shuzo.

Location: 403 Ichimachihara, 潴, Kurume City
Asahi Kiku Shuzo Co., Ltd.

When: February 12(soil) 13sun(sun)

【 To be held this time 】

Sales of sake
(Please bring your shopping bag for a cash bag fee.)

・ Fun lottery
* There are no free tastings, paid tastings, amazake behavior, or restaurants.
*Please refrain from drinking or eating or drinking at the venue.
 (There is no eating and drinking space this time.)

* Admission may be restricted during busy times.

Infection prevention and diffusion prevention,
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation below.

[New coronavirus countermeasures]

・ If you are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting.

・ Please help us fill in the contact information at the time of visit.

・ Please cooperate with the temperature inspection and disinfection of the fingers when entering the venue.

・ Please cooperate with wearing a mask and encouraging cough etiquette when visiting.

・ Please cooperate in ensuring social deverness and avoiding 3 closeness.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

March 20(sun)Asahi Kiku Shuzo's sake brewery Is scheduled.
We will guide you again in detail.

Meiji 33(1900year)As the rising sun rises, the company was founded with the brand of the chrysanthemum "Asahiku" (Asahiku), which is a symbol of Japan. The Chikugo region, located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, has developed as one of Japan's leading sake areas, benefiting from the vast Chikushi Plain and the Chikugo River, a first-class river blessed with abundant water from the Kudeyama mountains. Even in today's world where the times continue to change day by day, asahi chrysanthemums are committed to the taste of rice from ancient times in Japan, which is not influenced by fashion, and we continue to study every day by making sake that is good for our meals.

Guide to the Brewery
We will guide you through the company profile, history, maps and access, and major events.

Product List

We introduce the main products of our brewery, mainly pure rice sake.

Pesticide-free rice use

We will introduce our efforts to make sake using Yamada-don from Itoshima, which is a pesticide-free cultivation.

Recommended way to drink

Sake is pure rice, and sake is still good.
I will introduce how to drink sake deliciously.